I have found my stay here enjoyable, the staff have been respectful and friendly, the dining room is a delight and the food very good…

– John C., Resident

My father came to the Residence at the age of 90 as you were opening your doors… At the time he was independent and capable of looking after himself and was treated with respect and dignity by the entire staff. He appreciated their acceptance of him as a comrade as well as a resident. He enjoyed the activities and participated with both staff and other residents… He loved the location as he could walk along the paths of the Niagara Gorge and could easily access the Niagara Falls public transportation system. He often commented to me about enjoying the meals and the quality of the food preparation…All of this provided me with the confidence of knowing that he had a safe and comfortable place to live.

– Melanie D., Daughter of Resident

Have you come to that time in your life when you think what now?

Perhaps you are alone, your family is grown up and gone and you are left with a big empty house. You think what now? So you start looking for alternative living. The RRR home could be just what you are looking for. Let me count the ways! Large comfortable rooms with view of the Niagara Gorge, Meals that make your mouth water just thinking about them AND you are enjoying your meals in a beautiful dining room with windows all around. Lovely pool good for leisure or physio.

Various other activities for your enjoyment. We have care available and a visiting doctor. Transportation is available. You can come and stay with us for 3 days. I’m sure you would love to stay and we would certainly love to have you.

– Marjorie Ruller, Resident